Audio Services

Elevven Collective offers a variety of audio services from vocal recording, to voiceovers, to professional mix and mastering. Whether it's a tweak in your mix, or a full-scale album, you can be confident that your project will be clean, professional, and perfectly adjusted to your specifications. Check out some of the fully-turnkey recording and audio services we offer below:


From your first single to an entire EP or album, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy professional grade audio through our industry-leading equipment and software. Clients experience professional guidance and direction throughout each track and project to deliver the best results possible.

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Professional Mixing & Mastering

Our attention to detail provides our mixing clientele with sonic clarity, depth and presence. All mixes are tailored to the desire of the artist – effects, autotune, etc. will be customized to your taste. Let us polish your record and we’ll make sure your sound performs on any sound system.


We provide world class post production for radio commercials, event promos, and much more. Give your content the final touches your project needs to stand head and shoulders above the rest, and appeal to your market.



$ 40.00 /Hour

Get 20% off your entire first session
Unlimited revisions (level adjustments, etc.)
Live mix included

Professional Mix & Master

$ 40.00 /Hour

Host of mastering tools for top clarity
Audio mastered to client specifications
Available revisions