Client Testimonials

Choosing a recording studio that's right for you is important. See what our artist family had to say about their experience.

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Jude Lolley Band Jude Lolley

"A very confident 5 stars, and an amazing recording experience."

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InDeo Manet Isabel Zittel

"Genuinely helpful, encouraging, and excellent to work with."

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K Ay Performing Artist

"Ok! This track sounds even better than I imagined!"

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Juan Hunter Director

"I definitely appreciate the quality of beats and pace of service."

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On The Line Zach Dubay

"Great people and high quality recordings."

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Mil1 Chase Glass

"This song is sure to create a buzz."

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Check out a few of our client's singles - recorded, mixed, and masted at Elevven Collective

"Genuinely helpful, encouraging, and excellent to work with"

Genuinely helpful, encouraging, and excellent to work with. Elevven Collective offers insightful suggestions during the recording process, gives constructive feedback, and works wonderfully; constantly bouncing ideas around. Our recording time was full of laughter, calm, and productive. After many hours together, I left enthused about our work.

I am stoked to say that the finished product turned out loads better than I anticipated, and I am thrilled to share it with others. I look forward to working with them again.

"A very confident 5 stars"

In the brief time I have spent with Elevven Collective, I have found the best rates along with fantastic recording quality. They work with you to the fullest extent to make sure your music comes out on top while also giving creative criticism all the way down to the last track in every detail. Chase and Ryan have started an amazing recording experience that I will continue to use in the future with my mutiple bands and projects. A very confident fives stars.

"Great team that's easy to work with...I wish we would've known about them sooner."
Nu-meta band
"High quality work and work ethic."
Emma Bieniewicz
Emma Bieniewicz

Working with Elevven Collective has been a real pleasure. They are quick to mix/master/produce and very passionate about helping an artist enhance his/her sound by suggesting new ideas that work to benefit the music as well as those creating the music. Elevven Collective is very thorough and detail oriented, which attests to the high quality work they produce in thanks to their high quality work ethic. As someone who was unfamiliar with how I wanted to sound, Elevven Collective was able to help guide me in the exact direction I needed to take my music without allowing me to drown in the vast possibilities. They always put forth ideas that heighten what I am working on, allowing me to have a foundation of thoughts I can bounce off of when attempting to explain what my recording tech-challenged brain would not have otherwise been able to come up with. Elevven Collective has made creating my music so so fun, and I am thankful I have gotten to work with them and highly recommend their services they have to offer.