Elevven Collective is a fully equipped creative studio that provides a variety of audio services from recording and custom-made instrumentals, to professional mixing and mastering. With our qualified engineers and professional recording equipment, you can feel confident that any project we take on
together will sound better than you imagined.

Experience your sound like you were supposed to.

Welcome to Elevven Collective

What We Do:

All The Keys For Artist Success In One Place

Custom Instrumentals

Let us set the tone for your next hit single. With a vault of instrumentals for lease, we have plenty of tunes to choose from for your next project. Custom instrumentals available on request.

Vocal Recording

Enjoy high-end vocal quality through our renowned industry leading gear and software. Clients experience professional guidance and direction throughout every process to ensure we deliver the best results possible.

Professional Mix & Master

Our attention to detail provides our mixing clientele with sonic clarity, depth and presence. All mixes are tailored to the desire of the artist - effects, autotune, etc. will be customized to your taste. Let us polish your record and we’ll make sure your sound performs on any sound system.


We provide world class post production for Radio Commercials, Event Promos, and much more. Give your content the final touches your project needs to stand head and shoulders above the rest, and appeal to your market.

Artist Branding (Coming Soon!)

Struggling to break into the scene? We create effective, professional branding campaigns so artists can organically grow their social following, fan interaction, audience response, and fan engagement with your musical brand.

Social Media Advertising (Coming Soon!)

For artists and labels looking for more exponential growth, we provide turnkey digital and social media advertising and marketing, with a focus on business acceleration, linear social growth, and building lists for downloads, music purchases, and email.


Available Instrumentals


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Professional Creative Studio


Some of our in-house equipment featuring a Neumann TLM 102, M-Audio 2x2M, Yamaha Hs8's, and more.


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